Have you ever heard of PlayGround , the trendy digital magazine targeted to millennials   founded in 2008 by Isaac Marcet? Its intention was to inform from an alternative point of view about music, art, urban tribes, cinema, social networks and other cultural and countercultural phenomena of interest. Defined in its own words as a means of news communication with a creative, modern and uncomplicated look; it tries to explain the world through their lenses.

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In 2009 Playground got an award for the best online publication by the Spanish newspaper “El País”. Additionally, it has been the one and only online media associated with music festivals such as “Sonar”, “Primavera Sound” or the “International Festival of Benicassim”. Since then, awards have not stopped. When it acquired a solid visitors´ and users´ base, it was just the right time to internationalize it expanding its content to all cultural areas.


It is based on digital advertising and the creation of its own content by themselves or with agencies. To this day, PlayGround contents are in English for PLAYGROUND PLUS – and in English and Spanish for PLAYGROUND MAGAZINE, with a special monitoring from Mexico and Argentina.

One of the features of this digital magazine, and what makes it different from all the others, is the treatment made of the videos posted on their pages and social networks (regardless of whether they are political content, society or breaking news).

The type of video marketing practiced by Playground is certainly one of the main causes of its global success: varied and impacting topics, excellent editing and production, up-to-date day language, or native videos (where 4x more interactions are achieved than in other formats), etc.

On the other hand, this sort of informative videos with a short duration and shocking headlines make exhaustive and contrasted information suffer. One of its many consequences is that news, in many cases, take a back seat thus giving a preference to viral content: “The medium is the message” as said in the aphorism pronounced by Marshall McLuhan . In this case, we could even say that “users are the content within” as it seems that the magazine can easily connect with users´ interests.


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But let’s not take this away from them; there is also another section within the PLAYGROUND website, Playground Fire, full of Spanish successful videos of a humorous tone: for instance, the “So Velaske , am I pretty?” video with more than 6 million views on the YouTube Playground channel; or what could be part two of this hit: the “Te colonisovideo, where a story with surrealist touches is told, accompanied by Trap music and historical characters, in which it is almost impossible not to laugh out and play it a thousand times more. All of these videos can be watched at the PlayGround Fire Facebook channel.

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