When acquiring a desktop PC or a laptop, tablet or mobile device, we usually focus on its performance features (processor, graphics card, hard drive, RAM, connectivity, battery, operating system, …), But, due to inexperience, we ignore or highly minimize the SAFETY of our gadgets.
Do you want a solution to keep all your desktop, tablet and mobile devices safe? McAfee could be that one.


What do we mean by a SECURE device?

In an increasingly global society like ours, we are exposed to threats that were not a problem in the past. However, they must be considered at the same extent as technical features nowadays.

Let´s look at  some of the most common dangers in the world of cybersecurity:

  • Spam Email:

Unwanted emails filling our inbox, often with misleading advertising. In the worst case they might have an associated virus when opened.

  • Keylogger:

A hardware device or a type of software dedicated to store everything we type to later memorize those strokes in a file or at the cloud to be able to access our passwords.

It can be distributed through computer viruses and steal sensitive information. McAfee Anti-spyware programs can detect keyloggers and clean them.

  • Phishing:

Emails that simulate coming from banks or official organizations. They try to get the user to interact with web pages that mimic the real ones, thus obtaining official user data.

  • Trojans:

Programs that are introduced in our device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) so that hackers can manage it from his own computer. Generally, it does not affect the performance of our products, so it is difficult to realize we have one unless we look at the antivirus and its scheduled checks.

  • Viruses:

Software that modifies how our computer works, either by slowing it down or leaving it totally unusable. In addition, it can spread among our contacts quickly, hence its name.


But let’s not be alarmist.

Now that you know the risks to which your PC is exposed, we have found the best solution for your devices to be safe.

One of the best firms in the world in terms of cybersecurity is McAfee, which deals with the prevention and elimination of these problems with specific plans tailored to users or companies´needs with McAfee AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection and LiveSafe.


With a single annual subscription to McAfee you will have one of the best protection plans available right now on the market:

  1. Protection for unlimited devices: For you, your family and friends, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Management through a single and simple console to control all devices.
  3. Customized Firewall: Modifying the protection level according to the needs.
  4. Blocking of malicious applications.
  5. Filtering suspicious Internet traffic and programs that try to steal your data through the previously discussed risks.
  6. Antispam protection.
  7. Safe searches thanks to SiteAdvisor
  8. Parental control functions: Content filters, secure search, on-screen time management and registration of children’s activities.
  9. Password management through “True Key” via a biometric session start, among other functions.
  10. Backup copies, data restoration and total cleaning.
  11. Mobile devices location.
  12. Capture Cam” function for the location of your stolen phone to be sent to your account along with a photo of the thief.

 By installing McAfee on all our devices, our data will sleep peacefully.

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