Working over and over again because you did not hit the save button? Had to start from point zero? Lost the holiday pics in your mobile? Your personal financial data disappeared in one go due to a blackout? JS Backup” is the solution. Forget all those problems once and for all! Don´t waste your time and money!

js backup

The “JS Backup app” is on the iOS (iTunes app store) and Android (Google Play) app stores. You can make automatic backups (both in the cloud and on your computer), restore applications and files that have disappeared from your smartphone as well as backup files, important data, or your address book and contacts.

Thanks to the “Cloud Management Server” you can save backup copies simultaneously in multiple cloud storage and manage them directly from any device. If you are using JS Backup from a smartphone, you have the option of retrieving your calls history, sent and received messages, your calendars & system configuration, or even manage backup copies of music lists, photos or videos.


In addition to all the above advantages, you don´t need to save the content on external hard drives or memory cards; if you prefer you can store them in online services such as Data Storage Box (NTT Docomo Cloud Service), Dropbox (10Gb), SugarSync (2Gb) or Google Drive (30Gb) as long as you respect the set up limit.

Further to the above, JS Backup offers you the possibility to use and transfer your data through a QR code, thus facilitating user experience. You can download it in many languages (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai). Its premium plans don´t exceed € 10 and include: “Easy Backup 20GB)”, “All data types (3GB)” and “All data types (5GB)”.

The JS Backup has more than 11,000 ratings on Android with 4.1 stars, a remarkable score among its users.

Without a doubt, this uncomplicated data transfer app is one of the most effective applications we have tried so far.

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