The 21st century is being defined by a redefinition of the concept of privacy. You show selfies, or pics of food, feet, your pets, your last hairstyle, your dream vacation. Additionally, you might display videos where you explain how to kill a monster in the trendiest online video game. And, in many cases, all this media exposure is also monetized. Thus, you need a tool; HOOTSUITE can help you to give yourself more exposure.

Who do not appear online, do not exist. Who do not tell about what  they do, neither.

For digital natives, millennials, or new generations, showing up is not considered a problem. On the country, it is an advantage to make all their skills known. They are their own personal brand. Further they create a personality that differs from others and is recognized in their countless social networks accounts.

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The irruption and massive success of the latter are a fundamental pillar to understand and develop a new social map. In some cases, this is for the best, in others for the worst. Nevertheless, certainly different from what was supposed to be that new step forward of the welfare society.

It gives the impression that the number, variety and complexity of social networks is growing at a faster rate than we can absorb as users. The latter is regardless of whether they are individuals or companies with a broader management capacity.

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To counteract this effect, there are specific platforms to handle this type of situation (very common in the day to day of Community Managers or Account Managers). One of the best platforms is Hootsuite. In has the most important social networks in its dashboard (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest). Additionally, it offers specific functionalities to optimize their resources and time: message programming, monitoring, content selection, analytics, team management and system security.

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It has more than 7 million downloads in 196 countries and available for both iOS and Android. Further, Hootsuite has become the preferred solution for users and companies to manage their social networks.

Currently it has payment programs for all types of users and budgets:

  • Professional: 10 social profiles, Unlimited scheduling, 1 user (€19/month)
  • Team: 20 social profiles, Unlimited scheduling, 3 users (€99/month)
  • Business: 50 social profiles, Unlimited scheduling, 5 users (€99/month)
  • Enterprise: Custom solutions. (Contact for pricing)

In addition, you can download any app appearing in its directory and customize it in the user dashboard. Under those apps you can find social networks (44), video marketing apps (8), email marketing apps (8), and a long etcetera.

In short, a tool to keep in mind if you want to maximize the performance of your social profiles.

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