Do yu espic inglis? Parle vu fransé? Close to that … Remember bumping into a foreigner, map in hand and half lost, searching for a specific place in the city and unable to speak our language? Then Busuu could help you manage this situation.

How? When that dreaded moment appears, when communication in a foreign language is tested, usually generating a good handful of anecdotes, while bitterly remembering the missed French or Spanish lessons waiting for the language lessons to be finished.

Jokes aside, let´s stop and think for a moment. What are the benefits of learning a new language?:

– It makes you smarter as inactive areas of the brain are activated while creativity is also stimulated.

– You will be increasing your first language´s vocabulary, since you are learning words, sayings or meanings you did not know about.

– It makes easier to communicate when you are traveling. It will make your trips a much more intense and enriching experience.

– Your self-esteem is also reinforced when you begin to master a new language. It means that you will have much more self-confidence to face any potential problems.

– Nowadays, speaking and writing a second language proficiently are important requirements when it comes to finding a job. Together with this and your interpersonal skills, you will exponentially increase the chances of getting the position you want.

– Thanks to your language skills you can reach an infinite array of books, movies or series not yet translated or dubbed in your mother tongue. Additionally, reading or watching movies and series in the original version is highly recommended to acquire fluency as well as accuracy and proficiency to enrich the vocabulary already used.

– And let’s not forget this: Speaking a foreign language is one of the best ways to make new friends!

Then what is stopping us from learning a new language? Well, the typical problems of an accelerated society used to achieve success in the short term: outdated learning methods, money problems, or a shortage of time.

However, globalization also offers us the solutions to all those problems while enabling us to achieve our learning goals:

busuu logo

By using the “BUSUU” iOS or Android app, anyone who has 10 free minutes a day, can speak a new language in a fun and entertaining way.

Busuu has a wide variety of languages: the most common ones such English, Spanish, French, or Italian. It also has others starting to be important in the new international markets: Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Polish & Arabic.


– You can download all the lessons and work in “offline” mode, enjoying unlimited access anywhere.

– Money will no longer be a problem learning with Busuu. It has Free and Premium versions with very affordable plans for all budgets from €5.41 per month, where you can cancel any time with a money back guarantee for 7 days.

– Validation of content to record your progress as well as official certificates thanks to its partnership with McGraw-Hill Education.

Specialized business courses with very useful expressions to engage in more technical or professional conversations as well as travel courses to feel at ease when living abroad.

– Busuu offers a customized solution for those companies developing a learning strategy to overcome communication barriers among their employees, creating a truly international and collaborative organization

– Get  other users to correct your written exercises and help others with your own language by creating your own collaborative network of friends.

– Access to real conversations with comments from native speakers that are part of the Busuu community.

Download Busuu and learn your favorite language!

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