If we named Elly, Loula, or Nina and asked children what name is missing from the list, they would all cry out at the same time: We miss POCOYO!

Since the first time POCOYO was broadcasted (April 7, 2006) in the American TV Channel “Cartoon Network”, they are not only the most famous and successful cartoons for children around the world, but also a cultural event for all the little ones at home, while also generating a different type of audience among the adult population of countless countries.

12 years after our blue friend appeared in our lives we can find references of all kinds related to their stories and characters: videos, books, songs, games, merchandising, educational toys, mobile apps, advertising, etc.

But, what is Pocoyo?

It is a US, British and Spanish co-production (Zinkia Entertainment and Cartoon Network Studios) whose creators, top managers and ideologues are David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi.

What about getting to know Pocoyo and his friends a little bit better?

Pocoyo is a smiling 4-year-old boy dressed in blue clothes and wearing a blue cap. He is very curious to know his surroundings; everything he discovers, whether alone or with his friends, he will be always doing it with a big smile.

Elly is a pink elephant of the same age as Pocoyo who likes to dance and ride a scooter. She is the strongest of all her friends.

Pato, he’s a … duck, and he is Pocoyo‘s best friend. He is most times angry, yellow, has big eyes and always wears a green hat.

Sleepy Bird, or “Pajaroto” in Spanish, is a very lazy bird of green color.

Nina is the new friend of Pocoyo, a redhead always wearing a green dress.

 In addition to all these friends we can also find Aliens, Ball Orchestra, Butterfly, Fred the Octopus, Musical Flower & The Band, Whale, and many more, throughout the adventures of Pocoyo.

There is a whole world of learning and fun in front of us devoted to our little ones, divided into a series that currently has produced 4 seasons and 7 minutes per episode.


If we focus on the app features, we can highlight the educational games and videos specifically created for preschoolers. For instance, the Pocoyo House webapp is a digital playground that provides help to parents to initiate the little ones in the use of digital devices.

pocoyohouse_parental control

The Pocoyo House app for children has the parental control function, which allows parents to block their mobile devices (phone or tablet) so kids can play with total security. Additionally, it is possible to download all the different episodes available and watch them in offline mode.

Now you are ready to enter the Pocoyo world, enjoy watching his adventures and playing with the best app for kids!

pocoyo house_videos

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