Nowadays the classic story tale of the 3 little pigs has a tough competitor: Peppa Pig ´s educational videos!  

Since 2004 this British educational series, created and directed by Mark Baker and Neville Astley, has swept away with its ratings in half of the world.

If we ask to our little ones which cartoon series they like the most, what would they answer? Pocoyo and Peppa Pig,almost without batting an eyelash. Both are, without any doubt, the absolute kids’ TV leaders of the first quarter of this century.

peppa pig

Peppa Pig, as her name suggests, is a cute pink pig starring in thousands of adventures with her family: her little brother George, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, her grandparents, her parrot “Polly” and her friends. In each of its 7 seasons (and its 52 episodes per season), Peppa Pig will solve kids´everyday problems or generate new situations where children watching the TV series will be learning from.

The success of Peppa Pig lies in its scripts and in the team responsible for putting the voices to the protagonists, but we cannot forget the huge merchandising machinery based around the TV series. Peppa Pig is everywhere: soft toys, video games, applications, books, comics, movies, clothes, conventional toys.

In 2015, the Canadian company “Entertainment One” , distributor of series like “The Walking Dead”, acquired a 70% share of Peppa Pig for 140 million pounds from its creators (ABD). It is expected that the brand will be worth 2,000 million dollars in 5 years, the equivalent of a 85% stock of its total number of products.

Taking into account the above figures, it seems that our little ones will have more adventures to learn from in the coming years, either watching TV episodes, the official YouTube channel or playing with Peppa Pig´s mobile Apps for iOS & Android.

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