Rayden, R-Type, 1942 , Terra Force, Zero Wing… You are hearing all these names and … You can´t help thinking about the years you frequented the arcade galleries. Then this post is for a nostalgic like you. By the way, have you heard of a game called Xevious?

Xevious Atari

Today we review one of the most successful flying vertical shooting game titles of Namco, the multinational entertainment company. Although the American version was distributed by Atari, it quickly became one of the most sought-after games in the arcades.

It was created in 1982 by Masanobu Endō. He was a game designer and now president of Games Studio. It is part of the same suite of games as Galaga, a game we already reviewed.

­­Xevious has a simple plot. However, this is not a hindrance. It is also a very addictive game.

An alien race invades Earth and the player must eliminate certain things. Obstacles like aerial and terrestrial targets, for instance. The alien will be helped by a fighter aircraft, a laser shooter as well as a good handful of anti-aircraft missiles and special items; objects that will be acquired while the game is going on.

Play Xevious Mini

At the end of each screen, a much more lethal attacker than common enemies will appear. Once eliminated, the player will manage to overcome the level played. Difficulty will also increase step by step.

The cursor will help players. Hence, they will be able to dodge enemy attacks thanks to skills and 3 lives held from the beginning.

Players will go to the top of 4 hidden structures known as “Sun citadels“. Then the spotlight will flash red. Afterward it will be time to drop one of the bombs to destroy the structures (1000 points).

There are also four special flags hidden in certain points of the game (ATTENTION, SPOILER!). It will be easier if you search within areas 1, 3, 5 and 7). There, players will get an extra life when dropping a bomb. This is a very valuable information if we want to advance towards the end and be successful in our actions.

Play Xevious online  as many times as you want and remember the good old days!

As a curiosity, Atari produced a TV commercial for Xevious. An ad promoted as “The Atari game you cannot play at home“. Thus, it was the first TV ad for an arcade video game.

Finally, for the “handymen” out there, we have found the first edition of the Xevious by Atari manual (1983). It is in PDF format and specifies the steps to correctly configure the game in the machine (cabinet).

Good luck, players! Drive those aliens out of Earth! What are you waiting for?