Let´s go back to the early ´80s. Imagine a certain arcade game, simple, based on mazes … rewarding players´ skills. Well, this retro grame is about to turn 40 years old. Which one is it PAC-MAN is a game that remains more current than ever! Classics never go out of style so our little and pizza-shaped hungry yellow friend is younger than ever.

Ever since the video game designer Tōru Iwatani created it in May 1980 for the Namco company, Pac-Man (Puck-Man, Pakku Man or simply “Pac-Man” as it mainly known worldwide) has not stopped breaking world records. It has been considered the most famous video game character in history over other heavyweights of entertainment, such as Mario Bros (Nintendo), Sonic (Sega) or the legendary “Space Invaders”, all of which he dethroned with lots of playing machines sold to the games arcades (around 300,000 units in just 7 years since its distribution began).


Pac … what?
Have you already heard of this great game? Do you know who the colorful secondary actors of this game are? Why are they making life difficult to our yellow friend?


Our yellow friend starts his adventure in the center of the screen. He is trying to eat all the Pac-Dots appearing on the paths shaping the labyrinth. His task is not going to be easy!

There are 4 ghosts of different colors (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) trying to get and eat Pac-Man. While he is bumping into one of those big-eyed ghosts, he is losing one of his three lives. All of that is necessary to achieve his final goal: getting over the 255 levels of the game!

Each of the ghosts has its own personality and way of moving through the labyrinth:

  • Blinky – Red: Pac-Man’s biggest enemy; he is the fastest of the four, always chasing our hero.
  • Pinky – Pink: Surrounds the walls of the labyrinth counterclockwise. Usually responsible for blocking Pac-Man’s path so his other teammates can catch him.
  • Inky – Light Blue (Celeste): She has an unpredictable way of acting; She never knows how she will react. Sometimes she even gives the impression she is running away from our friend.
  • Clyde – Orange: Never chases Pac-Man and roams the maze erratically; this makes him look even more dangerous.

But, it´s not all bad news for Pac-Man. There are several prizes to add extra points to your score: Cherry (100 points), Strawberry (300 points), Orange (500 points), Apple (700 points), Grapes (1,000 points), Galaxian (2,000 points), Bell (3,000 points), and Key (5,000 points). In addition, it is possible to  get an extra life when you reach 10,000 points.

And, not only that! Pac-Man will be able to defend himself from his enemies. He will also eat any of the 4 points with a greater size; the “Power Pellets” distributed throughout the labyrinth. Then all the ghosts will change colour and slow down where they might be devoured by Pac-Man at a certain point. As soon as the ghosts have been neutralized, they´ll be fired towards the center of the labyrinth to regenerate in a few seconds. Hence Pac-Man will have to be fast to eat all the points on the screen and come out free.

Now that you have reached this point you know everything you need to become a professional Pac-Man. Hence, it is your turn to put it into practice!

Let´s go and play PAC-MAN Mini at this gaming entertainment site!

Compete with your friends and show your skills by dodging ghosts and eating dots!

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