The 80s are trendy thanks to series like Stranger Things or films like “Kung Fury” . And, what could be more fashionable than the first “Shoot ’em up video games ? Yes, the ones commonly known as “space-invaders”. Well, the Galaga saga is the space invaders´ classic game par excellence.

The Namco company created this game in 1981 to succeed the Galaxian (1979) . Since its inception, Galaga was known as a cult game.

Remember those games we played when we were young kids? When we could barely reach the controls of those first arcade machines ? When our parents had to lift us up to discover a whole new world? Furthermore, remember when we were stuck in front of our TV screens playing non-stop with our first Atari console or our siblings´ Commodore computer?

Galaga Mini


Its goal is simple: players must move a small spaceship located at the bottom of the screen from left to right.

  • There are aliens at the top trying to destroy it with bombs or by launching themselves against the spaceship itself.
  • As time goes by, their enemies will descend vertically towards their goal faster and faster.
  • To defend themselves, players can shoot them with a laser or dodge projectiles and their enemies.
  • When players get rid of all of them, they will go on to the next phase, where there will be more complicated enemies to eliminate.

There is an infinite number of screens. However, players will get a bonus every 3 levels with a screen called “Challenge Stage”  to shoott 40 aliens to receive the highest score. If they don´t do this, they will only get 100 points per enemy shot. There are enemies called “Boss Galaga“, more complicated to eliminate as they require an extra shot to be intercepted.

Thanks to the success of video games, consoles and PC games in the 90s and early 2000s, the Galaga game had versions for Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Fujitsu, Sharp, and many others.

Nowadays, thanks to Bandai Namco Fun we can all enjoy and play Galaga anytime anywhere without having to break our piggy bank to insert one coin after another.

Compete again with your pals to know who is still in shape!

Be careful with the new generations! Millennials won´t make it easy for you!

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