Let´s do a 180-degrees turn in our weekly video-game reviews leaving aside the 80´classic games and focusing on the online game of the moment that is destroying all the records: Fortnite Battle Royale.


If you are not in your thirties yet and still don´t know this game, consider yourself an authentic rara avis! But, don´t worry and continue enjoying the usual shooters games like all the wonders with 8/16/32/64 bits that Bandai offers.

Right now we are here to solve all your doubts with the online game of the moment.  Maybe you’re the next gamer rep and don´t know it yet!

Developed and distributed by the giant entertainment company Epic Games, “Fortnite Battle Royal” is the free version of the premium game “Fortnite”: a video game for PC, PS4, XBOX ONE and Mac, framed within the genres of “open world” and multiplayer. Its success lies in the specific videogame engine used (Unreal Engine 4), and the combination of the best of the “shooting games” with Minecraft-style crafting video games .

As users acquire materials and treasures, they can make their attack weapons and defensive constructions better, making them more elusive and less vulnerable to other players. Recall that Fortnite Battle Royale is played with a total of 100 players per game on a wide map with various environments narrowing down as time goes by where the last player surviving will win: an authentic “all against all” or “100 Player PvP” .

Before finishing 2017 and just 3 months after launching, this video game had 7 million users, quite a remarkable amount. Currently, thanks in part to the free mode, that figure has skyrocketed to 45 million users, with more than 3 million of them playing simultaneously in the last month! (March’18). The Fortnite´s Instagram account is not far behind: 4.1 million followers worldwide. Stratospheric figures!

One of the main “culprits” of this situation is a Fortnite gamer named Tyler Blevins (a.k.a. Ninja), who, through his streaming account on Twitch brought together more than 600,000 people to see how he was playing with Canadian rapper Drake.

Additionally, just before Easter, on March 25, the famous Spanish youtuber known as “El Rubius” invited the 100 most influential YouTubers of the Hispanic world to play Fortnite all together with each one of them broadcasting the game from their personal YouTube channels.

If we only consider the live broadcast from El Rubius`YouTube channel , it became the most watched streaming video game in the history of Youtube with more than 1,000,000 viewers connected live (almost doubling the viewers watching the game Ninja and Drake played against each other).

As with everything surrounding millennials and online games, social media and their interaction around are very important aspects to bear in mind: through Fornite´s official Facebook account it is possible to create your own gaming community: meet other participants and create squads, discover tricks, or enjoy discounts on the purchase of items to customize and arm your character. You can also enjoy live or finished games to quickly learn tricks from other players.


And now, the big question that you are all waiting for. Is there a mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royal available?
Well, right now the game has a pilot version available for players owning an Apple device (iPhone 6S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or any 2017 iPad) through an invitation. In the case of Android users, they need to wait a few months to play on their mobile phones.

The business model of Fortnite is “freemium“, where the basic game is totally free, and the extras are paid, for instance, when you want to improve the skills of your alter ego. Leaving aside the fact that we find ourselves within a global hype of the entertainment world, which is achieving a gigantic impact without having to invest large numbers in advertising, this entertainment company has raised more than 120 million dollars in a few months tjust through the purchase of these items by the game players.

fortnite extras

So if you are leaning on playing this video game, watch now Fortnite´s official video, which already has more than 30 million views, as well as this video game in high definition for you to be familiarise with this awesome game.

See you on the battlefield! 😊